Full life.

I have so much on my plate right now, that it feels like my brain can’t catch up.  But it’s a conundrum, the more I have on my plate the more I want to put on it for the more productive I am.  If I have very few things lined up and on my schedule I am rarely productive. Explain that one.  If I don’t have a project on my list to do, I end up sitting on the couch watching TV in the evenings… but if I have things to do, projects, big things, not mundane household maintenance things, I get more done.  The more I procrastinate the more I put my mind to do what I need to do and get it done.  Women can multitask like crazy, and I hope that by filling my plate with all these things that I don’t lose sight of the important things…..  My creative juices flow with the more I have to do.  Take this blog for instance.  I probably wouldn’t feel the motivation to write anything on it unless I was trying to keep from doing all the important tasks I need to be doing.  The funny thing is, is that this isn’t KEEPING me from doing all the important tasks I need to do, its pushing me into procrastination mode where I will be more productive in a short amount of time than if I had a full day to get things done.  I was this way in college.   The more I had going the more productive I felt, the more I could get done….  Well, I’ve added a couple of doosies onto my plate right now… lets see if I can keep up!  Stay tuned!

About Thirtysomethingscientist

First and foremost, I was attempting to come up with a persona that reflects who I am. Yes, I am actually thirty-something years old. After you hit 30, the actual number doesn’t matter. Its important when you’re in your twenties to distinguish between being 22 and being 28. Those 6 years really do mean the difference in maturity. It’s a difference in being in college, to being out in the real world (at least for some). It’s the whole coming of age spectrum. However, when you hit thirty, you’re assuming that you’ve already been through the painful growing pains of a first job, first place to live and generally first time out on your own. You hit your stride in your 30’s. It is the abundant decade….You’re old enough to know better (this is a generalization, mind you) yet young enough to pursue just about anything. Secondly, I think that most parents, or even singles for that matter (e.g., everyone), can consider themselves a scientist. We plan, we course correct, and we have outcomes. We try different methods to get the desired result. We find out what works and what doesn’t. We recommend, we advise and we adjust. Everyone does it. We are all scientists.
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