Here’s the thing with books….

I love books. I have lots of them.  Hard back, soft back, digital, used, new, I’m not picky.  I love them all.  I have a couple shelves dedicated to different genre- fiction (sci fi, historical fiction, pop fiction, Christian fiction etc), non-fiction (cook books, crafts, hobbies, health, diet, exercise, kid care, bible studies, bibles, self-help, gardening and prepping…yes, yes, I know….). If you need information on a subject, I most likely have a book for that.  It’s hard for me to get rid of books, even ones I’ve read and wasn’t too thrilled with.  I love pursuing books, I love purchasing them (much to the chagrin of my SO) and ultimately putting them on my shelf.  But here’s the thing with books: they don’t do you any good unless you read them.  I can’t gain the knowledge in them by osmosis.  I’d like to think that by having the books, I automatically know more.  But here are some lessons I’m learning:

  1.  Having lots of diet and exercise books, doesn’t make me any healthier or thinner.
  2. There will always be another book about diet and health, you don’t gain anything from those books unless you put it into practice and actually DO what they say.
  3. Having lots of self-help books (how to overcome depression etc) doesn’t make me happier.
  4. Having lots of Bible study books on hand will not make me understand God any more unless I actually read them and study them.

I think we’re all looking for the “easy” button.  My easy button just happens to be that I have the information, in the event that I actually get to reading it one day.


Bottom line is: You need to READ the books and DO what they say in order to change your life.

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Tuesday’s Tidbit

One of my kids’ favorite books to read is an I Can Read book from Mercer Mayer entitled “The Fall Festival”.  I don’t know why this is their favorite, the words are simple and many times I embellish the story so that it lasts longer.  The pictures are colorful and the critters are funny.  For some reason, I can’t seem to get a specific page out of my mind.  Its page 26, where little critter is playing horse shoes: I aim…. I throw….. I FLY…..   I forgot to let go.  Isn’t this a great word picture of our goals in life?  We aim for our goals,  we put ourselves in motion, and then we hang on to OUR methods and ultimately fall short of the goal we thought God wanted us to do. We end up landing in a discouraged heap short of our goal because we forgot to let go.  I’m full of clichés- a saying that I’ve heard quite a bit is ‘Let go, and Let God’.  When we are walking with God and are in tune to His construction around us we can have full confidence that if we set our goals based on His leading, then we have the freedom to step forward in faith and let go.

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Cash-only August

Do you know where your money goes every month?  Its so easy to use your credit card to purchase something, that one hardly knows how much one spends on random things.  We don’t have any credit card debt, we pay off our card every month, but that doesn’t mean that I am spending responsibly…  DH and I decided to try and do a “Cash-Only August” that will hopefully inform us about what we spend our money on.  Our hope is that by paying cash, we will be more aware of what we buy…. it will make us stop and think about the money that we are spending…  We don’t want to bring any new crap into the house this month…..  Next step is to start getting rid of the stuff we don’t use and need… I have several bridesmaid dresses that are collecting dust…. one thing at a time!

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Full life.

I have so much on my plate right now, that it feels like my brain can’t catch up.  But it’s a conundrum, the more I have on my plate the more I want to put on it for the more productive I am.  If I have very few things lined up and on my schedule I am rarely productive. Explain that one.  If I don’t have a project on my list to do, I end up sitting on the couch watching TV in the evenings… but if I have things to do, projects, big things, not mundane household maintenance things, I get more done.  The more I procrastinate the more I put my mind to do what I need to do and get it done.  Women can multitask like crazy, and I hope that by filling my plate with all these things that I don’t lose sight of the important things…..  My creative juices flow with the more I have to do.  Take this blog for instance.  I probably wouldn’t feel the motivation to write anything on it unless I was trying to keep from doing all the important tasks I need to be doing.  The funny thing is, is that this isn’t KEEPING me from doing all the important tasks I need to do, its pushing me into procrastination mode where I will be more productive in a short amount of time than if I had a full day to get things done.  I was this way in college.   The more I had going the more productive I felt, the more I could get done….  Well, I’ve added a couple of doosies onto my plate right now… lets see if I can keep up!  Stay tuned!

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Under Construction

I’m still working out the kinks and figuring this whole blogging thing out… stay tuned!

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